Reno Divorce Law Firm

Work accidents can happen in all types of work environments, including places you think should be safe, like hospitals.

Bitter, contested divorces are the ones you should never attempt to do on your own.

Making sure you have legal representation is important, especially if you are severely injured.

Military court is very tough, but so is our criminal defense lawyer.

Child custody is something that needs to be taken very seriously for the welfare of your children.

Be sure to report any workplace accident to your supervisor immediately and be sure your supervisor reports it to the proper department right away.

It is never a good idea to wait to hire an attorney after you have been accused of a crime.

One way the auto insurance companies keep their costs low is by telling you to close your case fast, which is the opposite of what you should actually be doing.

A wrongful death lawsuit can be filed in many situations people are not aware of.

if you were hurt on the job because of negligence of your employer, he will be responsible for your medical bills.