Reno Divorce Lawyer

The process server will give a notarized copy of the proof of service document to the person who ordered the service to be done.

Whether you need a criminal lawyer or someone who is familiar with drug crimes, call our law firm.

When you are charged with domestic abuse or spousal abuse, you will need a lawyer on your side who can help you.

People who have a lot of assets should be sure they have a prenuptial agreement signed before they get married.

Meeting you at the hospital after a bicycle accident is something we can do to get your legal case started.

Whether you were walking or driving, if you were hit by a vehicle, you need an attorney to give you the right advice.

Getting hit by an uninsured driver can mean trouble if you try to collect money from them.

Make sure you keep records of all your accident receipts and make sure you send copies to our attorney office.

Taking care of your injuries and medical bills and paying for car repairs or replacements is what an attorney can handle for you.

Closing an accident case fast means you may have problems down the road that the insurance company will not need to pay medical bills for.

A summons is ordered by the court and is the start of a lawsuit.

We can provide service of process right here in town, across the state or on the other side of the country for you.

If you have suffered the loss of a limb while on the job, you should have our number handy so we can be the attorney office that takes care of you.

Having a defense attorney that has the right qualifications is very important.

If you are looking to do a legal separation, be sure you know all of the laws you must follow.

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